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Experienced Innovation

The last 30 years have taught us a lot. We have designed spring packs for over 400 customer applications, launched dozens of spring pack programs, and manufactured 100’s of different spring packs. This experience lives within us and our proprietary design processes, allowing you to directly benefit during the product development process and ultimately, in manufacturing.

Specialized Focus

We focus exclusively on the design and manufacture of spring pack assemblies – and this is all we do. Spring packs have been our sole focus for over 30 years. It is because of this focus that the first and only priority of everyone within the organization, regardless of their specific job responsibilities, is spring pack assemblies. At P.J. Wallbank Springs, Inc., we live and breathe spring packs. It is our belief that the great organizations focus on doing what they know best – we leave the design and manufacture of other products to their experts.

Trusted Partner

Customers around the globe rely on us for our domain expertise. Proof of this is where you can find spring packs manufactured by us – we ship products to 5 countries, with over 40% of our products shipped to customers outside of the United States. It’s our objective to be a valuable asset to our customers, like a trusted tool in a carpenter’s toolbox. When you need our support on a new project, we will be here for you.

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