Spring assemblies manufactured for purposeful impact.

A Global Leader in Spring Assembly

Whether used in cutting-edge electric vehicle applications, automatic clutch transmissions, or even a modern consumer appliance, our spring pack assemblies impact millions of lives daily. PJ Wallbank Springs helps manufacturers deliver high-quality, reliable products by combining advanced engineering with proprietary manufacturing processes.

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Legacy of Expertise

PJ Wallbank Springs is driven by an uncompromising passion for providing dependable products that simplify and optimize manufacturing processes. For over four decades, we’ve been at the forefront of global spring assembly technology. What’s kept us ahead is our exceptional manufacturing process, commitment to quality, and a world-class team.

Proven Execution

We’ve supported over 1000 applications. Our team partners with top manufacturers worldwide to creatively meet their unique requirements for product designs. Our process ensures spring assembly solutions are developed for manufacturability during design, so they are optimized for cost effectiveness and can be produced at scale.

Impact Through People

Advances in spring assembly technology, manufacturing, and the world don’t just happen. We believe our people are at the root of every success, and we take pride in the purpose-driven and resilient team we collaborate with daily. We’re always eager to find more great people to join us in creating an enduring impact on the world.

Our Focus: Effective Spring Solutions

Through our manufacturing process and dedicated team effort, we create effective spring assemblies that solve unique customer challenges and enhance product longevity.  We’re trusted worldwide to deliver high-quality, practical, cost-effective spring assembly solutions for various end-use applications across multiple industries. More than 40% of our production output is shipped outside the U.S., fueled by our passion for global impact. Our commitment to quality and decades’ worth of manufacturing expertise enable us to be a trusted partner for manufacturers worldwide.

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Living Our Values

PJ Wallbank succeeds because of its culture and desire to dramatically impact the world through people. Our four core values serve as a foundation for our organization. We prioritize treating others as you would want to be treated, challenging the status quo, taking ownership, and winning or learning. Our PJ Wallbank Team is intentional about living our values, and we take pride in making our values a focus in our day-to-day behaviors and decisions.

Are You Ready to Make an Impact?

Those within our organization share a common desire to make an impact on people. For some, this is the impact that can be made on the people within our four walls, while for others, it may mean the impact within our community or the millions of lives we impact worldwide each day. You can be sure that with your work at PJ Wallbank Springs, you’ll have an opportunity to make an impactful mark.