Spring assemblies, known for their ability to store and release energy, can serve essential functions across numerous industries through their adaptability. The versatility of spring assemblies is proven through their use in a wide assortment of applications.

Our spring assemblies serve a variety of functions for a range of applications across numerous industries.

Adaptable Spacing

Spring assemblies can control spacing when multiple components are installed sequentially in an application, creating gaps due to standard variation in manufacturing tolerances. Their utility can support applications across many use cases.

Mechanical Sealing

Spring assemblies can be highly advantageous as mechanical seals, as they can maintain the sealing forces needed to create an effective barrier.

Spring Packaging

Springs and spring assemblies can provide shock absorption and gap filling to ensure the safe and reliable packaging of a wide range of components.

Noise, Vibration, and Harshness

Solutions from PJ Wallbank Springs provide flexibility making them valuable components for mitigating NVH challenges.

Manufacturing Made Simple

No matter the applications our spring assemblies serve, they are manufactured with high standards of quality and unique manufacturing processes. PJ Wallbank Springs has accumulated 40+ years of experience and expertise in spring assembly applications, and over this period of time we’ve enhanced our approach with continuous improvement in mind. Learn more about our unique manufacturing process today.

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