Industrial Manufacturing Spring Solutions

At PJ Wallbank Springs, we recognize the pivotal role of spring assemblies in ensuring the seamless operation of machinery and other equipment. From small-scale operations to extensive industrial facilities, our spring packs are purposefully designed to meet the specifications of the manufacturing field, providing the strength, durability, and consistency needed to keep your manufacturing processes running efficiently.

Industrial springs drive innovation forward

As manufacturers ourselves, we understand the unique requirements of productive, world-class manufacturing equipment. We aim to have a positive impact on your assembly lines and products. Some outcomes of our spring assembly technology include: 

  • Increased product quality and longevity 
  • Reduced manufacturing downtime 
  • Improved profitability 
  • Less maintenance and labor requirements 
  • Elevated durability and reliability 
  • Heightened production capacity 

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Spring Assemblies Throughout the Industry

Our spring assemblies can serve an expansive array of applications throughout the industry. This includes machinery across numerous manufacturing sectors, including, but not limited to:

Robotics & Automation

Consumer Goods Manufacturing

CNC Machining

Chemical Production

Textile Development

Industrial tools

With many opportunities for our spring solutions to contribute to the manufacturing industry, we take pride in ensuring our products are customized to meet the specific needs of every application.

Igniting Potential with Industrial Spring Assembly Solutions

The PJ Wallbank approach to manufacturing is unique in that we focus on projects rather than products.

Instead of finding which of our many spring assemblies works best for your application, our team works to tailor a spring assembly that aligns with the needs of your specific challenge and its unique production requirements. Here’s what our development process typically looks like for manufacturing springs assemblies: 

  • Partnership: When you choose to work with PJ Wallbank Springs, you choose to work alongside a team that’s dedicated to providing reliable and long-lasting results. We analyze how we can best support your assembly’s success. 
  • Development: We utilize an extensive background in spring assembly technology, and a results-oriented approach to create spring solutions that align with your expectations. 
  • Production: Using our proprietary manufacturing technology and in-house production process, we work to construct springs and spring pack assemblies that are ready to contribute to your machinery’s successful operation. Our industrial spring assemblies undergo testing and quality assurance practices to ensure they serve you effectively. 
  • Advancement: Even after our high-quality spring assemblies are delivered to your facility, our partnership doesn’t dissipate. We’re eager to ensure the seamless integration of our spring assemblies into your product and manufacturing line. If there are different ways in which spring assemblies could benefit your processes, we collaborate with your team on further solutions. 
Automotive Manufacturing

PJ Wallbank Springs has almost half a century’s worth of expertise in springs for automotive assembly. From transmissions of small vehicles to the axles of electric vehicles, we can serve automotive OEMs and suppliers with a legacy of proven excellence. Interested in how we can assist your automotive manufacturing?

Industrial Springs to Spur on Manufacturing Success

PJ Wallbank Springs has been delivering reliable, high performing solutions for decades.

Manufacturers rely on our products daily, and we’re always eager to conquer the next challenge. Here are a few examples of how spring packs can benefit the sector: 

  • Custom industrial springs maintain tension on the rollers within printing machinery. 
  • To reduce vibration during cutting, stamping, and molding processes, spring packs can get integrated into die sets. 
  • Industrial springs are needed for the joints and actuators of a manufacturer’s robotic systems. 
  • To increase control over processes like stamping and shaping metal components, several manufacturers integrate spring assemblies into machinery like presses and lathes. 

While these are just a few ways spring assemblies can benefit the manufacturing industry, there are numerous other applications to which springs have contributed. To learn more about our abilities within the manufacturing space, contact a member of our team today! 

Industrial Springs & Their Range of Solutions

While used for various purposes, spring assemblies’ durability, longevity, and effective performance can influence many manufacturing plant functions.

Our precision-engineered spring assemblies can be designed to enhance the performance and efficiency of various material handling tools. Their unique technical properties and diverse applications in load bearing, adaptable spacing, packaging, and more make them invaluable assets.  The benefits of spring assemblies can be found in material-handling tools such as: 

  • Conveyors 
  • Forklifts 
  • Pallet Jack 
  • Hoist Systems 
  • Elevators 
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

The equipment used for assembly processes can vary significantly depending on the type of product being manufactured, but the reliability of springs throughout these processes is consistent and invaluable. Their application in different contexts is driven by properties that allow them to provide benefits like adaptability, durability, and load balancing. You can find springs playing a role in the functions of assembly equipment like: 

  • Adhesive Dispensers 
  • Fastening Tools 
  • Testing and Inspection Equipment 
  • Packaging Systems 
  • Pumps 
  • Compressors

Industrial springs serve multiple applications within the realm of automated manufacturing and robotics. Their elasticity, durability, and predictability make them essential for functions requiring controlled force, shock absorption, and load distribution. Spring assemblies can contribute to robotic systems’ improved safety, reliability, and efficiency, enabling them to handle many tasks with finesse and accuracy. Here are some examples of how spring assembly technology can be used in this area: 

  • Wheeled and Legged Robots 
  • Safety Mechanisms 
  • Linear Actuators and Conveyors 
  • Robotic Joints 
  • Springs and Your Manufacturing Process

In the manufacturing world, where every detail matters, springs are unsung heroes that keep the industry moving smoothly. From electronics assembly lines to precision CNC machining, industrial springs play a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency, precision, and safety.

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