PJ Wallbank Springs has a history of collaborating with customers to improve product design, functionality, and cost, through the use of spring assemblies. A few of the markets we can support are featured below, but if you’re interested in spring assemblies to serve the specific applications in your industry, contact us today.

PJ Wallbank Springs is committed to fulfilling our customers’ needs, no matter which industry they’re apart of. Through design support and proprietary manufacturing processes, we’re able to supply spring assembly technology that broadens global impact. 


At PJ Wallbank Springs, we provide spring assembly solutions for the automotive industry. With over 40 years of experience, we are your trusted partner for dependable spring assemblies within the automotive market.

Heavy Duty & off-highway

Vehicles have diverse functions in the heavy-duty industry, from earthmoving to transportation. Our spring assemblies cater to various applications, enabling precise movement, weight distribution, and suspension support for mechanisms across the sector.

Industrial Manufacturing

Our spring assemblies are purposefully designed to meet exacting manufacturing specifications, ensuring efficient and consistent operation from small-scale to extensive industrial facilities.

Recreational Equipment

From supporting snowmobiles through winter wonderlands to ensuring RVs function for cross-country road trips, our spring pack assemblies can simplify and elevate numerous parts of the recreational equipment industry.


The benefits of spring and spring pack assemblies can serve the dynamic packaging industry in numerous ways. Their adaptability, shock absorption, and NVH prevention enable packaging applications to improve and impress.

Energy & Power Generation

The energy and power generation fields are transforming rapidly. Even amidst dynamic transformation, the spring assembly solutions of PJ Wallbank Springs offer customizability and versatility for those looking to solve problems  and engineering solutions in this space.


Defense industry applications require unparalleled strength, durability, and quality. The solutions presented by PJ Wallbank Springs can offer these traits and more, making them the perfect match for the field’s unique needs.

Food & Agriculture

A wide array of applications within the food and agriculture industry benefit from the reliability and simplicity of spring pack assemblies. PJ Wallbank Springs can accommodate for the various needs of the food and agriculture space.


Springs and spring pack assemblies contribute to the functionality, comfort, and longevity of various furniture pieces. PJ Wallbank Springs has the capability to serve as a partner for solutions across a range of applications.

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