Manufacturing Excellence

Our complete end-to-end control over the spring assembly development process allows us to align with customer requirements and work to exceed expectations.

Our team engineers its own manufacturing equipment and maintains complete control over equipment design, assembly, and maintenance. Developing our equipment in-house allows us to design processes to achieve what we need to achieve, nothing more and nothing less. This can be an important distinction, as equipment providers often have standardized bells and whistles that look nice and are feature-rich, but all such features are often not of value to every customer and also drive cost and complexity within manufacturing. 

With our specialized focus, we can design equipment to meet our customers’ products instead of equipment that meets the needs of a wide variety of products for all customers.  Instead of using off-the-shelf solutions, the flexible approach we choose enables us to best serve our customers.

Innovating from the start

Before PJ Wallbank Springs introduced its spring assembly technology, individual springs arrived at the production line in large boxes, where springs were tangled and unorganized. This meant that our customers had to find, untangle, and adequately orient each spring before installing it. To combat the downtime, inefficiency, and headache that came with this lengthy process, PJ Wallbank Springs developed an assembled solution founded on simplicity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, while also eliminating the capital investment of bowl feeders, and additional processing steps for our customers.     

Our approach of combining the springs and stampings into one assembly allowed for greater efficiency and ease of use for our customer’s team members on the assembly line, reducing the number of products requiring assembly from 20 to 1. This simplified solution enabled customers to utilize springs in a manner that created value for their assembly process. 

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