Spring Assemblies for Energy and Power Generation Applications

Whether involved in renewable energy applications like solar and wind power, or industry bedrocks like coal and natural gas, the spring assembly solutions engineered by PJ Wallbank Springs can support your components with reliability, efficiency, and operational success.

Springs for Energy Industry Applications

Integrating spring assembly technologies continues to accelerate multiple sectors within the power generation industry. Some benefits spring assemblies bring include:

Vibration Dampening

Shock Absorption

Adaptability to Environmental Conditions

High-Strength and Durability

Cost-Effective Solutions

Customizable Options

Why PJ Wallbank springs

We've accumulated 40+ years' worth of spring assembly expertise.

Our engineers have worked to develop spring solutions for the most challenging manufacturing problems, and we carry the same dedication and work ethic across all industries and applications. Our team is committed to supporting you with the right spring assembly solution, no matter your product’s use case, complexity, or roadblocks.

Accelerating Energy Technology with Spring Solutions

Spring assemblies can play a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency, reliability, and longevity across various applications within the energy industry. Here are a few examples of where you could find spring assemblies in action:

  • Spring assemblies in wind turbine blade pitch systems can help reduce mechanical stress and enhance overall performance.
  • Wellhead and drilling tools can employ spring assemblies for their shock-absorbing properties.
  • Spring assemblies may support the stability of solar power mounting systems.
  • Biomass boilers can utilize spring assemblies in their heating system mechanics.
Endless Possibilities with Top-Notch Processes

We leverage years of spring assembly manufacturing experience to create spring assembly solutions  that can optimize the performance and functionality of your energy applications. Process development at PJ Wallbank Springs involves close consultations with our customers. Our team works to understand your application, tailors a custom spring assembly accordingly, and then manufactures this design at scale to meet the unique intricacies of your specific project.

Spring Assembly Solutions Across the Energy Space

PJ Wallbank Springs can provide manufacturers within the energy industry world-class spring assemblies and years of expertise to ensure applications are successful. Markets within this sector include:

Biomass, a renewable energy source derived from organic materials, encompasses various applications, from power generation to biofuel production. In the biomass industry, spring assemblies can find utility in various processing equipment, contributing to efficient and reliable operations by absorbing vibrations, reducing wear and tear, and enhancing biomass conversion systems’ overall performance and durability.

From processing equipment to transportation, spring assemblies can be highly advantageous to the natural gas sector. Their presence can contribute to the reliability and functionality of infrastructure critical to natural gas extraction, refinement, and distribution.

In the hydroelectricity industry, spring assemblies can play a pivotal role in sustaining the optimal performance of turbines and generators by absorbing vibrations and mitigating mechanical stresses. These components can enhance operational efficiency and contribute to the longevity of hydroelectric power systems, ensuring reliable and sustainable electricity generation from water resources.

Spring assemblies can benefit solar power generation in multiple ways. They can be found in the manufacturing and assembly processes of solar panels and related equipment, as well as in the framing and mounting systems of the panels themselves.

Spring assemblies can be a fundamental aspect of the wind power infrastructure. They can be found in blade control mechanisms and tower damping systems, and they play a pivotal role in generating sustainable electricity from wind resources. The resilience and optimal functioning of these systems can rely heavily on the effectiveness of their springs.

Batteries and energy storage systems are the linchpin of modern energy management, supporting renewable energy integration and grid stability. spring assemblies can play a role in these systems, providing mechanical support, facilitating efficient energy transfer, and contributing to energy storage solutions’ overall reliability and longevity.

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