Spring Assemblies and Furniture Applications

PJ Wallbank Springs works diligently to engineer purposeful spring assemblies that can meet the most intricate design requirements, ensuring that furniture manufacturers obtain the strength, durability, and elasticity needed to keep their products ergonomic and functional. 

Wide Array of Spring Assembly Applications

Spring assemblies can be instrumental to various components within residential and commercial furniture applications. Here are a few examples highlighting the diverse applications that can benefit from spring assembly technology:

  • Swivel Rocker Seating
  • Reclining Chairs
  • Office Swivel Chairs
  • Adjustable High-Top Tables

Spring Assembly Technology in Furniture Manufacturing

The innate characteristics and mechanical properties of spring assemblies can contribute to the comfort, simplicity, and quality of furniture applications across the industry. Some ways springs and spring assemblies benefit furniture products include:

Enhanced Product Comfort

Improved Strength & Durability

Amplified Assembly Efficiency

Reduced Manufacturing Downtime

Furniture Spring Partners

PJ Wallbank Springs is a partner you can rely on.

When manufacturers partner with PJ Wallbank Springs, they’re met by a team willing to go the extra mile to satisfy each request. We’ve provided customers with spring assembly solutions globally for almost half a century. When you choose spring assembly solutions from PJ Wallbank Springs, here are some ways you can excel:

  • Increased Production Efficiency: We were founded with the mission to simplify the lives of manufacturers. Our products are intentionally designed to streamline assembly processes.
  • Improved Work Capacity: Our spring assemblies can save teams time, minimize maintenance, and reduce labor, increasing productivity and profits.
  • Enhanced Product Quality: Our spring assemblies help products last longer, maintain their effectiveness, and withstand harsh conditions, ensuring that they can provide optimal benefits and services for the long term.
  • Specialized Results: With our expertise in tailoring spring assemblies to meet the precise needs of our customers, we can provide reliable and distinctive solutions that you can trust.
Advantages of Spring Packs for Furniture

PJ Wallbank Springs engineers world-class spring assembly solutions that can support furniture applications in multiple ways. Their innate characteristics lead to quality furniture products with lasting reliability. Some of their uses within the industry include:

  • Shock Absorption
  • Adaptable Elasticity
  • Load-Bearing Capacity
  • Vibration Dampening
  • Noise Reduction

How We Support Furniture Manufacturers

At PJ Wallbank Springs, we have a different approach to problem-solving. Instead of offering a range of pre-made spring assemblies, we focus on creating custom solutions tailored to your specific needs and production requirements. Here is an overview of our development process for manufacturing our quality spring solutions:

  1. Partnership: When you choose to work with PJ Wallbank Springs, you partner with a team that provides reliable and long-lasting results. Our expertise and experience allow us to analyze how our spring assemblies can best support your success. 
  2. Development: After carefully considering your needs, our team configures reliable spring assembly options for your approval. We use our expertise in spring assembly technology and a goal-oriented approach to craft high-quality spring assemblies that meet your expectations.
  3. Production: We can use our own manufacturing machinery and in-house vertical production procedures to create spring assemblies designed to help your furniture function properly and ergonomically. Our spring assemblies undergo thorough testing and quality assurance practices to ensure they have a long service life and serve you effectively.
  4. Advancement: Our commitment to you doesn’t end after we deliver our high-quality spring assemblies to your facility. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the smooth integration of our spring assemblies into your furniture product and manufacturing line. We welcome the opportunity to explore new ways our spring assemblies can benefit your processes and will work collaboratively with your team to find the best solutions.

PJ Wallbank Springs can design and develop furniture spring assemblies according to your unique application requirements. From the materials used to manufacture your spring assemblies to the dimensions of each coil, we’re eager to ensure your specific needs are well satisfied. Learn more about our customizability here, or contact a team member today!

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