At PJ Wallbank Springs, we’ve honed our craft to ensure our solutions stand up to the toughest heavy-duty and off-highway challenges. Our commitment to tailored engineering, uncompromising quality, and cost-effective solutions has made us a trusted name for reliable spring assembly solutions.

Innovating from the start

Tailoring our products to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Our team takes pride in overseeing the entire spring assembly development process. This approach enables us to tailor our products to meet the unique needs of our customers.  

We possess in-depth knowledge of every aspect of our products and their construction, working closely with our customers to tackle even the most intricate manufacturing challenges. Our engineering team develops our own internally designed assembly equipment, providing us with complete flexibility in how our products are assembled. This level of customization in design and manufacturing allows us to remain at the forefront of spring assembly production worldwide!

Heavy Duty Spring Solutions

As a leading spring assembly manufacturing company, we take great pride in providing tailored solutions that support demanding requirements. Here’s what we bring to the table:


From the selection of premium materials to state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, we leave no room for compromise.


Our engineering expertise and manufacturing processes allow us to create spring assemblies tailored to your specifications. Our custom products ensure peak performance and efficiency.


Lasting performance is paramount. We ensure that our heavy-duty spring assemblies deliver reliable performance over the long haul.

Springs Set Apart

In a world where longevity is an ultimate measure of value, our spring assemblies stand the test of time.  
  • From off-road vehicles to construction machinery, we can engineer spring assemblies for suspension systems, hydraulics, powertrains, and more. 
  • Our engineering team employs tried and tested technology to ensure that each spring assembly we produce meets strict quality requirements. 
  • While we prioritize quality and performance, we also understand the importance of cost. We work closely with clients to provide cost-effective solutions. 

Heavy Equipment Assembly Springs

With almost half a century’s experience in manufacturing springs and spring assemblies, PJ Wallbank Springs has accumulated vast knowledge of the materials and processes that lead to reliable spring assemblies. Here are some examples of how springs can impact the industry: 

  • Transmission springs for ground-moving equipment  
  • Hydraulic park lock system springs for compact wheel loaders 
  • Agricultural tractor assembly springs for transfer case components 
  • Clutched applications throughout heavy-duty vehicle components
Why PJ Wallbank Springs?
  • We’ve been manufacturing top-notch spring assemblies since 1982 and have expertise in adapting our springs to  specific application needs. 
  • We prioritize continually developing our manufacturing equipment, skills, culture, and worldviews to ensure the company you partner with is well-versed and highly capable. 
  • We manufacture our spring assemblies in-house with our own proprietary, in-house developed machinery. With end-to-end control over every aspect of our processes, we can deliver unprecedented quality.
  • Because springs aren’t one-size-fits-all, we specialize in tailoring spring assemblies according to the unique dimensions and requirements of each application.  

Areas of Expertise






Fleet Service

Our team of skilled engineers collaborates with you to ensure that the  solutions we create are the best fit for your heavy equipment application. With our focus on customization, you’re not just getting heavy-duty springs; you’re getting a solution uniquely crafted to elevate your machinery’s performance. Contact us today to get started on a custom spring assembly solution for you.

How PJ Wallbank Springs Can Help You

No matter the industry, the project’s complexity, or the application’s environment, we’ll work with you to develop a spring assembly that meets even the most stringent requirements. Here are some ways we can contribute to your success within the off-highway or heavy equipment manufacturing industry:

Heavy Duty Vehicle Springs

From earthmoving and material handling to transportation, vehicles play many roles in the heavy-duty industry. These vehicles have diverse functions and can vary significantly in size, complexity, and purpose. Our heavy-duty springs cater to various applications, including:

While any of the above approaches can be supported, clean sheet approaches generally result in the lowest product costs and best manufacturability.

Common reasons for higher-cost designs are excessive use of materials, type of materials used, and special processing or additional process steps required. To avoid these situations, we work tirelessly to ensure our customers have optimized designs through FEA, bench testing, prototyping, supplier collaboration, our proprietary design software, and our best practices.

Spring assemblies can be beneficial for spring-applied park lock brakes featured at the wheels of heavy-duty or off-highway vehicles. These  brakes allow for braking enablement even if the vehicle’s engine is compromised. Spring-applied brakes are also helpful in preventing wheels from rotating when there is no hydraulic pressure, for example with hydrostatic transmissions.

Within automatic transmissions, a series of different clutches are engaged or disengaged to allow for the transmission to shift, optimizing engine performance. When oil pressure is applied within a clutch pack, the piston compresses the spring assembly and engages the clutch plates, enabling that clutch to perform its intended function. 

The spring pack also serves a secondary function in rotating clutches by providing a static load against the piston to prevent it from applying the clutch pack due to centrifugal forces, which can cause drag losses.

Springs help ensure that heavy-duty vehicles are reliable, efficient, and capable of fulfilling their intended tasks. Contact one of our experts today to learn more about how our spring assemblies can support your heavy-duty or off-highway manufacturing application.

Heavy Equipment Machinery Spring Solutions

Durable, high-performing heavy equipment is essential for productive operations throughout the industrial sector. Whether it’s a hydraulic hammer to drive in pipes or a ball mill for breaking up coal, all types of heavy-duty machinery have unique tasks that require 24/7 reliability. PJ Wallbank Springs has spent decades ensuring our spring assemblies are ready to perform for the long haul. A few examples of how our spring solutions can serve heavy equipment machinery include:

Intense movement and vibration are created by machines like rock crushers, punch presses, grinders, saws, and more.  Spring assemblies can function within shock absorption mechanisms to help mitigate these vibrations through their elasticity and ability to store and release mechanical energy.

Heavy-duty springs play a critical role in tool stabilization, essential for achieving precise and consistent results in various industrial processes. By counterbalancing extreme tool stressors, dampening different oscillations, securing tools in place, and evenly distributing applied forces, spring assemblies can enhance tool stability.

Even where demands are relentless and conditions are unforgiving, spring packs’ flexibility, quality, and resilience make them extremely valuable in heavy-duty machinery applications. 

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