Cutting-edge Technology

PJ Wallbank Springs is a global leader in spring assembly technology for a reason. We support our customers early in the development process, utilizing our years of experience in our field and a systemized design process to develop a product that not only meets the customer’s needs, but is also optimized for cost and functionality. We then leverage proprietary and proven manufacturing equipment to support the production of spring assemblies at scale on behalf of our customer.

Our commitment to fulfilling our customer’s needs, both through our design support and proprietary manufacturing processes which has been honed over 4 decades, combined with the entrepreneurial spirit of our people, keeps us at the forefront of the industry and enables us to continue to impact the world in spring assembly technology.

Product Expertise

As a trusted partner to our customer, we collaborate early with our customers to meet their requirements, while optimizing for cost and manufacturability. The trust we have earned with our customers during this phase through to a smooth product launch allows our customer’s engineering departments to spend time in other areas of their product that need their attention during a complex development project. Every application integrates unique ideas, talented people, and reliable technology.

Customized Solutions

We believe that strong partnerships lead to the best engineering solutions. The PJ Wallbank Springs team recognizes that not all applications are identical, so springs and spring assemblies shouldn’t be either. We collaborate closely with our partners to ensure each component’s development and manufacture aligns with the unique needs of each customer’s project. Our area of expertise exists outside comfort zones.

Cutting-Edge Manufacturing

Product designs optimized for functionality and cost are critical, but where the rubber meets the road is in manufacturing. Specialized engineering experience and proprietary manufacturing equipment enables us to scale production volumes of spring assemblies, while also achieving high quality (consistent and repeatable to a standard) at the right cost. This approach, along with a constant focus on continuous improvement, has kept PJ Wallbank Springs as our customer’s preferred choice.

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