Spring Assemblies for Packaging

Spring assemblies can significantly impact applications throughout the packaging industry. Spring assemblies offer numerous benefits by increasing effectiveness, and product protection.

Quality packaging solutions

Spring assemblies can enhance multiple aspects of the packaging industry through their adaptable nature and easy integration. Here are some advantages they can provide to manufacturers within the field:

Shock Absorption

Adjustable Versatility

Vibration Dampening

Enhanced Sustainability

Reliability and Durability

Adaptable spacing

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Why PJ Wallbank Springs for Packaging Solutions

Packaging engineers trust the dependability, creativity, and technology that come with spring assembly solutions from PJ Wallbank Springs. Some reasons we can be considered an optimal partner include:

  • PJ Wallbank Springs has been in business since 1982. With decades of experience in spring assembly manufacturing, we’ve developed the expertise to support even the most challenging application needs.
  • We take end-to-end control very seriously, meaning we design, manufacture and test all of our products and the equipment used to manufacture them in-house.
  • Our company is known across the manufacturing space for its high-quality standards and attention to detail.
  • The core values held by PJ Wallbank Springs set us apart from other manufacturers. These values translate into every coil and drive our team to create the most advanced solutions possible.
  • Our solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all. We offer a customizable product development approach, which can then repeatedly be produced in the thousands. This ensures our products are tailored to the unique intricacies of your packaging application.

Why PJ Wallbank Springs for Packaging Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a solution for the packaging itself or internally packaging components within a greater mechanism or machine, PJ Wallbank Springs can be your reliable partner. Rather than just support packaging for transporting goods, our products are also found in the goods themselves. Spring assemblies can be used for internal component packaging in industries such as:

Enhanced Functionality and Efficiency

PJ Wallbank Springs engineers world-class spring assembly solutions that can support packaging applications in multiple ways. Their innate characteristics lead to consistent packaging performance and reliable success. Some of their uses within the field can include:

Spring assemblies act as shock absorbers, safeguarding delicate contents from impact during transportation. This enables increased protection for fragile items, minimizing breakage and reducing product waste.

Spring assemblies integrated into packaging designs allow for adjustable configurations through their adaptable spacing functions. This accommodates various product sizes and shapes, allowing for greater versatility and optimizing storage space.

Our precision-engineered solutions dampen vibrations, ensuring the stability of sensitive products during transit. By doing so, spring assemblies can enhance the protection of electronics, scientific instruments, and other vibration-sensitive items.

Spring Assemblies as Packaging Solutions

Spring assemblies provide unique benefits that serve multiple packaging needs in distinct ways. A few applications include:

  • Springs are used in corrugated boxes or foam inserts to protect fragile items during shipping.
  • Springs and spring assemblies provide cushioning and protection for electronic devices during shipping.
  • Springs can benefit when shipping conditions or package contents rely on temperature sensitivities.

These application examples showcase the diverse applications of springs in addressing various packaging challenges. However, contact a team member today so we can directly address what’s involved in your unique packaging application.

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