Progressive Impact with a Grounded Foundation

PJ Wallbank Springs maintains a forward-thinking and status-quo-challenging mentality that drives our people to create reliable, durable spring assembly solutions and manufacturing processes. We’re also guided by our deep-rooted devotion to making an impact within our four walls, throughout our community of Port Huron, and across our planet.


Our History

In 1954, Phil Wallbank, a spring maker from England, immigrated to Canada with his wife, Betty, and young children to accept a foreman position at a spring factory in Ontario. It was a complete disappointment to discover that the factory turned out to be a few machines in a garage. Having sold everything to make the trip to Canada, returning to England was not an option.

After a short time, Phil decided to start his own company. In 1955, PJ Wallbank Manufacturing was founded. With a few orders and a $300 bank loan, he went to work in the basement of the old farmhouse in which the family was living. Springs were tempered in the kitchen oven, and machines were made from old washing machine motors and other hardware scraps. PJ Wallbank Manufacturing became a successful spring company and remains in business today.

In the late 1970’s, automakers were looking for a better option than using loose, single springs in their transmission clutches. In 1982, PJ Wallbank Springs Inc. (PJWS) was founded in Port Huron, Michigan, by Mel Wallbank specifically to meet this need. Since then, PJWS has exclusively focused on the manufacture of spring packs. Today, PJWS supplies spring packs to customers all around the world.

Pursuing Innovation

While we’ve been able to impact the world through spring pack assemblies, PJ Wallbank Springs’ sister company, Edison Manufacturing and Engineering, also impacts lives through its role as a low-volume contract manufacturing partner.

Our People

Purpose extends beyond our spring pack assemblies; it drives us to provide unique and fulfilling opportunities for PJ Wallbank Springs employees. Our company brings together talented individuals with diverse skill sets, specialties, and experiences to share in the goal of impacting millions of lives daily.

Global Reach

Over the last 40 years, our organization has developed a passion for our spring pack assembly products. We are the only company in the world specializing in clutch return spring packs, and customers globally depend on us for our domain expertise. From our manufacturing facility in Port Huron, Michigan, we ship high-quality spring packs to 6 continents, multiple countries, and impact-makers across the globe. Over 40% of our products are exported outside of the United States.

Our Values

PJ Wallbank Springs, Inc. recognizes our four core values as the foundation of our organization. They don’t represent how every person acts at every moment, but they illustrate how our people work in most moments.

Treat Others as You Would Want to Be Treated

This includes having empathy, respecting others, listening, and acting with integrity. We maintain expectations at the highest levels for those we work with out of respect for them and what great people can and should achieve. We put others first, and we care about their success. We look for opportunities for them to grow and develop. We are there for colleagues, especially in challenging times. We appreciate our customers. We never forget that we exist because of our customers. They pay our wages and our bills, and they have a considerable impact on our lives. We value and respect them, and we think about how we can increase our value to them.

Take Ownership

This means treating the company like your own – thinking beyond yourself and your team. Spend each dollar like it’s yours. We do the right thing when others aren’t watching. If you see trash, pick it up instead of figuring out whose job it is. We do what it takes to accomplish the goal, no matter how significant the obstacles are. This often entails hard work, for which there is often no substitute. We do what we say. Talk is cheap, and so are excuses. We encourage our people to be accountable for themselves and their team. Details matter. Big ideas are nice, but it’s often the details that distinguish oneself from others and the customer. We have pride in workmanship. 

Challenge the Status Quo

We default to looking for a better way than the accepted industry norm. We look for creative solutions that are simple and more effective and that improve our competitive advantage. It’s not just about solving the problem; it’s how you solve it. We choose to be different. Not for the sake of being different but to believe that where we are different creates value and competitive advantage.

Either Win or Learn

We are unapologetic in striving and executing at the highest levels but humble in our success, knowing that success tomorrow is not promised. We don’t forget where we came from; we are our harshest critics. We have a strong appetite to learn. We strive to be better tomorrow than today by learning from our mistakes and adapting. If you’re not learning enough, seek more challenges to grow and create learning opportunities. Be willing to challenge others or be challenged to get the best results. We know there can be a better way, and we are open to other’s ideas based on different perspectives and experiences.

Global Impact

PJ Wallbank Springs comprises a team of top-notch engineers, creators, industrial problem-solvers, and technological pioneers, all intending to make a positive impact on the globe. We value our relationships, work purposefully, sweat the details, and keep an eye on the big picture.

Deep Roots

Our company’s roots are in the lakeside town of Port Huron, MI. Located at the easternmost point of The Mitten State, the city’s Blue Water Bridge connects the U.S. to Canada and serves as a major route for trade, people, and advancement. Since its founding, Port Huron has acted as fertile soil for development and industrial growth, hosting trailblazing residents like Thomas Edison, Felix Watts, and Edward Goodrich Acheson. Inspired by our city’s forerunners and heritage, PJ Wallbank Springs is determined to impact the world positively.

Building a Future

We opened the Blue Water Area Robotics Center to support youth interested in manufacturing. This space allows FIRST robotics teams, high schoolers, and others to learn more about robotics and prepare for robotics competitions. From investing in the curriculum of engineering STEAM labs at local schools to hosting robotics associations and providing mentorship opportunities, PJ Wallbank Springs is eager to support the generations that will continue to inspire innovation and industrial progression.

Worldwide Reach

Our products, people, skills, and rigor have influenced millions all over the globe. Our spring pack assemblies can be found in Chinese ambulances, allowing people access to the emergency care they need in times of crisis. In buses, our spring assemblies enable millions of students to arrive at school and gain a valuable education. Thousands of families use our spring assemblies daily, whether on their work commute or riding their hot rod through the countryside. Over 10,000,000 new examples exist each year. These numerous use cases drive our relentless engineering and innovation.

Changing the World Starts Here

Making an impact on the world is no small task. Coupled with various global tensions and an ever-changing industrial landscape, this task takes on a new level of complexity. Creating an adaptive, inclusive, and people-focused culture is critical for us to deliver on this mission. We value our people above all else and are committed to cultivating a collaborative workplace where creative ideas and new solutions flourish. United by our values, purpose, and commitment to each other, our team continues to develop high-quality technology and transform our world.