Our Leadership

Our people are the growth catalysts behind PJ Wallbank Springs. They are guided by a leadership team of individuals who leverage years of industrial experience and uncompromising passions for global impact. Our core leadership team enables people at PJ Wallbank Springs to realize their full potential.

Chris Wallbank


Chris Wallbank has been President and Chief Executive Officer of P.J. Wallbank Springs Inc. since 2014. Chris earned his MBA in Strategy and Innovation from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business and his BA in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University School of Business. A visionary leader constantly challenging the status quo, Chris aspires to impact the world through people, and believes anything can be accomplished with the right team and the right mentality.

Anna Szpindor

Director of Product and Process Engineering

Anna Szpindor is a well-versed, experienced engineer with two decades of automotive industry experience. As the Director of Product and Process Engineering at PJWS, Anna works with her team to design new products, continuously improve production processes, and ensure products meet the highest quality standards.

Prior to joining PJWS, Anna held various roles at a leading engineering service provider in areas including engineering, operations and business development, demonstrating an ability to embrace new challenges and successfully achieve diverse targets.

When not at work, Anna enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with her horse.


Tracey Fletcher

Chief People Officer

Tracey Fletcher is the Chief People Officer of Wallbank Industrial and leads our efforts to find the right people to enable growth and the achievement of our vision. She’s also responsible for architecting and implementing our people process and leadership development initiatives.

From the start of her career, Tracey has been passionate about helping organizations create a culture where people feel connected to the vision and have a clear runway for growth.

Erik Gildemeister

Director of Finance

Erik Gildemeister is the Director of Finance for Wallbank Industrial and oversees the functional areas of finance and information technology for the enterprise. He is responsible for optimizing and, when applicable, implementing robust financial systems and processes for the current and future state of Wallbank Industrial and its operating companies.

John Zelasko

Vice President of Sales and Business Development

John Zelasko is a highly skilled professional with a proven track record of achieving company growth and business diversification, particularly in the dynamic fields of transportation, mobility, and energy. John is responsible for developing strategies, managing sales, and driving business development.

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